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Eestisse tuleb esinema fantastiline ansambel La Volta.
Dirigent Jürgen Hübscher

La Voltas musitseerivad noored võimekad Reinachi muusikakooli õpilased koos oma õpetaja, dirigendi ja seadete autori Jürgen Hübscher’iga kokku rohkem kui kahekümnel erineval keelpillil, sealhulgas barokk-kitarril ja lautol.

Kavas rahva-, vana-, ja popmuusika seaded ansamblile kolmelt kontinendilt
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In 1984, when Jürgen Hübscher tentatively invited some of his students at Musikschule Reinach/Basel- Land for ensemble work, he could not have anticipated what would develop out of it. The obvious enthusiasm of his students, unafraid of Sunday rehearsals, soon induced him to turn the experiment into a regular feature. In the first year, the repertoire already consisted of folk music from three continents – Europe, Latin America and North America, as well as music from the 16th to 18th centuries. Jürgen Hübscher arranged all the pieces in such a way that the ensemble members each received a customized part according to their own playing ability – an approach he still applies. The range of instruments has, however, widened enormously since 1984. Depending on the program, there can be up to 25 plucked-string instruments, occasional string and wind instruments, and about 20 percussion
instruments. The intensive concert activities and the numerous foreign tours of the ensemble have resulted purely from word of mouth by enthusiastic concert-goers and CD listeners. Thus, concerts in Vienna were a springboard for frequent invitations to the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Russia. Other festival concerts in Hamburg, Offenburg and Salzburg led to numerous concert tours in almost all European countries as well as several trips to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The establishment of the La Volta web site and the production of six CDs to date have been precursors of many international contacts and invitations to festivals in Canada and the USA. Due to the ensemble‘s intensive rehearsal and concert agenda, membership in La Volta is generally linked to school time: students can afford to spend five hours a week at private lessons and ensemble work and have time for up to 35 concerts a year, which take place on weekends or, in the case of foreign tours, during school holidays. Usually a „Voltan“ will be in the ensemble for six to nine years. These exceptionally favorable conditions allow Jürgen Hübscher to work continuously and to create and maintain a kind of ensemble tradition.

Biography Jürgen Hübscher

JÜRGEN HÜBSCHER studied lute in Cologne and Basel. As solo lutenist of the „Concentus Musicus Vienna“ and as duet partner of the counter tenor Paul Esswood and of the flutist Bernhard Boehm, he has given concerts in the major music centers
of Europe and NorthAmerica. As a basso continuo lutenist at the Zurich Opera -House, he has had a twenty-year working relationship with Nikolaus Harnoncourt.
Jürgen Hübscher taught historic lutes and guitars for 15 years at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe and for 12 years interpretation of early music at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. He also gives numerous courses within a broad thematic field in Europe and the USA. As a cross-border multi-instrumentalist he has performed for 25 years at an international level with his youth ensemble La Volta.Jürgen Hübscher’s commit-ment as a musician and teacher is demonstrated in his comprehensive educational work – from music lessons given to children up to concert-level training of university students and the advanced training of musicians and music teachers.